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A Day at VVIS

Can any day in a vibrant educational community be described as “routine”? However, learning is best undertaken within an orderly framework. This is ours.

The secondary school day starts at 09:00 each morning and finishes, officially, at 15:45 though after school, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities often mean that the school is still a hive of activity well after this time. Primary school starts at 09:10 and finishes at 15:30.

At secondary level, the curriculum is delivered within a timetable structure of 30 x 45-50 minute periods per week. This gives ample time and opportunity for real understanding of the course material to occur, not just to gain superficial knowledge.  The slots in the daily routines of KS1 and KS2 are slightly shorter.

There are two breaks during the secondary teaching days, one rather longer than the other allowing pupils to eat lunch in the dining room, with some students opting for a packed lunch in the picnic areas on the school grounds. Primary pupils enjoy breaks at different times to the secondary school.  (Please refer to COVID-19 INFO for further information about staggering breaks and lunches.)  The daily schedule will remain the same during the period that COVID-19 restrictions are enforced, with the exception that teachers will rotate to registration classrooms instead of students rotating. 

Homework is timetabled and set in all subjects for both Primary and Upper schools. Homework for KS3 and upwards is estimated to occupy between 40 minutes (7th Year) and an hour to two hours (10th– 13th Year).  A separate Homework Policy is in place for all pupils.

The school’s all weather football and basketball area is available to students during breaks.

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