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Admissions policy



Vale Verde International School Mission Statement: 

It is the mission of Vale Verde International School to provide the community with a balanced, quality education to ensure that all students achieve their best potential in accordance with their needs. 

We aim to prepare the young people to take their full place in society whilst celebrating the joy of learning. This will involve their developing academic, social, physical and interpersonal skills as well as a sense of personal responsibility for themselves and those with whom they interact stretching from the family unit to the world, of which we form a part.

Admission to VVIS will be determined on the following factors:

  • Applications will only be accepted for enrolment and year placement when all requested documentation has been submitted and the application process is complete. 

  • The potential of the applicant is to benefit from the available educational programme with the ability to access the curriculum.

  • Availability of space in classes and option groups offered.

  • During periods when enrolment to a specific year group has reached full capacity, admission may be postponed. In this case, the applicant’s name is placed on a waiting list.   

  • The school must receive full and accurate information about any special educational needs or medical conditions to better assess the child’s needs. VVIS does not have the facilities or resources for students with special educational needs. However, should a student require extra tuition or tools to cope with mainstream education, it is the parent’s duty to have their child assessed in accordance with school policy, in order to help them and the school to identify the student’s needs and provide the additional tools required to help them reach their full potential.  Refusal to access professional assessment or to provide the necessary tools required in order for the student to be able to benefit from the educational programme offered may result in the admission being cancelled and the child will have to be withdrawn.

  • If any important information is withheld, or financial regulations are not met, or if it is in the best interests of the child or the school, a student’s admission may be withdrawn.

  • VVIS reserves the right to deny admission or ask that a student be withdrawn if: The student’s best interests and needs cannot be met; The student’s/parent’s behaviour is deemed to jeopardise the welfare of the School community; Any significant information is withheld from the School; School fees are not paid in accordance with the financial regulations.

  • Previous school reports and other documents (refer to Step 3 of the Admissions Process) have to be submitted prior to admission.

  • If the child is moving from another fee-paying school, a letter of clearance must be provided before acceptance. 

  • Although admission is not entirely dependent on academic ability, admission is reserved and is subject to an interview and/or test. 

  • An official school report card or transcript of grades covering the previous year has to be submitted. 

  • A student will only be admitted once all admission policies have been complied with, including the provision of vaccination and medical records as well as (NB!) a tax (Portuguese contribuinte) number.  

  • Returning students may lose their place if the Annual Registration Fee is not paid by the 1st July of each year.

  • Admission of a pupil implies agreement to VVIS terms and conditions as well as compliance with all school policies, including but not limited to policies regulating admissions, student and parent conduct, health and safety, the schedule and timely payment of fees and financial regulations.

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