Communication from the Director

5 October 2020

Dear VVIS Parents, Staff and Students

Thank you to all of those who have responded positively to the new restrictions put into place to combat the coronavirus, including those who have done the coronavirus tests upon return from countries outside of Portugal.  Fortunately, the Algarve, in particular the Western Algarve, has experienced very low incidences of coronavirus cases being reported in comparison with the rest of the country. This is very encouraging as we enter our second month of face-to-face learning.

As we enter into the cooler weather with accompanying rain, extra care needs to be taken to keep healthy such as following hygiene rules which should by now be part of your daily life.  This encompasses following the COVID Prevention Rules of HANDS-FACE-SPACE as well as regular exercise and eating healthy food. 

With winter approaching, we will be seeing more sniffles, sneezes and coughs due to the normal colds and flu which may make it difficult to distinguish between the flu and the coronavirus.  Although sneezes are now not considered a symptom of coronavirus, and coughing is only considered a symptom if it is a dry cough which is persistent and new, if you are in doubt, STAY AT HOME and follow the guidelines of the school’s COVID-19 Contingency Plan attached hereto.  Consult your doctor and notify the school of the absence and reason for it.

Lockdown made learning difficult for some, but more importantly, it also caused some emotional and mental problems because of the unusual social distancing required.  Because of this, face to face learning will continue for as long as possible while keeping the community safe.   In the event of clusters of positive tests for coronavirus affect a school, the Health Authorities may intervene and institute corrective measures such as the interruption or suspension of activities or services or, if the infection poses a health risk for the community, the closure of the school.  While school is open, classroom teaching will not be substituted or alternated with virtual learning.  Teachers are teaching classes full time and are not able to teach face to face as well as online at the same time.

In the meantime, continue to respect the bubbles, HANDS-FACE-SPACE guidelines and general hygiene rules.

Kind regards and stay safe,


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