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Creativity and culture are two overlapping genres that affect the everyday life of a VVIS student and as such, the school is proactive in making all students culturally aware.  This includes an exposure to Portuguese history, culture and traditions as part of the bilingual Primary curriculum.

During a student’s stay at VVIS, he/she is encouraged to develop an appreciation of Classics – classical music, art, language and aesthetics.   A fully equipped theatre complete with state of the art electronic and lighting apparatus forms the perfect arena for performing arts and music.

Through the combination of cultural excursions, curriculum inclusion and with the privilege of having a diverse body of multinational students and teachers VVIS is not only a true international school, but also one that is familiar and encompassing of local traditions and values that come in abundance in Portugal.

In the Secondary and Advanced Level schools, students are expected to commit an active involvement in voluntary and charitable work.  Projects and collaborations have ranged from hosting Christmas parties for the local orphanage to involving primary school children in sports tournaments.

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June 2015 Prim perf. Oliver stage.jpg
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