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Primary    School

Vale Verde Primary School is a happy and vibrant place where children are encouraged to become kind, respectful, independent, cooperative, confident and reflective learners and develop a positive attitude to lifelong learning. Vale Verde Primary School is proud to offer a bilingual curriculum whereby pupils follow half of their subjects in Portuguese and half in English following the UK National Curriculum. Core subjects of Literacy, Numeracy and Science are taught in English throughout the academic year. Started initially as a pilot scheme following research, culminating in a successful master’s thesis on the most effective way to promote bilingualism among younger learners, the concept of effective bilingual education has been implemented at VVIS.  From a very young age, pupils learn self-confidence by addressing and conversing with visitors, parents, teachers and classmates in many lessons in both languages.  By providing pupils with a wide range of experiences, responsibilities and skills, pupils acquire the necessary knowledge and understanding to help them to think independently and creatively in both languages.

By embracing the Estudo do Meio programme introduced by the Ministry of Education in Portugal and the Língua Portuguesa for foreign and native learners programme, bilingual teaching is divided 60/40 between English and Portuguese in Years 1 to 6. It is the only international school in the Algarve offering these proportions. Other subjects taught in Portuguese are Cozinha e Comida, Educação Física, Teatro, Cultura e Tradições, EVT, Artes, FPS/ER & Música.  We strongly believe that this bilingual approach will enrich pupils’ lives here in Portugal, and will enhance their capacity for learning additional languages later on. 

Portuguese teaching is primarily focused on the arts, culture and sports which provide progressive building blocks for non-native speakers, but also ensures that by the end of the Primary Years Programme, pupils should be well prepared for Portuguese tuition.


Aims and Objectives – VVIS Primary Section

      V alue everyone’s opinions; but think for ourselves      

      A chieve our full potential,

      L isten to others; offering friendship and kindness

      E xperience all that is offered.

      V enture into life-long learning with enthusiasm

      E ncourage other members of the school; no bullying!

      R espect all people and property

      D evelop lively, enquiring minds and communicate freely;

      E qual opportunities for all.

Our aims are to provide the necessary experience and activities to help children to develop fully at the Primary phase, while helping them to become free-thinking individuals. We value independence, self-respect and self-motivation, and our curriculum provides children with the opportunities to develop these characteristics. We also promote a creative and practical approach to learning that encourages curiosity, is topic themed, stimulating and engaging with opportunities for cross curricular learning allowing children to see the ´bigger picture´.

Through our experienced and dedicated teaching team, our bilingual curriculum and innovative teaching methods, VVIS Primary aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum developing the intellectual, emotional and physical potential of each child.

We provide quality education within a caring, supportive yet stimulating environment. We aim to develop a responsible community in which we celebrate by word and example the capability of each individual.  Through the highest teaching standards of care, encouragement and inspiration, we provide a challenging and engaging curriculum, which will develop each child’s maximum potential that will help to equip them for their lives ahead.

All pupils are valued as unique individuals and encouraged to work as a team and in turn will be encouraged to show respect to each other and to the community. Diversity is key at VVIS Primary. Everyone is included and listened to no matter what background, race or religion.

Our goal is that our pupils develop the following skills:

  • Ability to communicate in various social contexts and develop reading / writing skills in Portuguese and English;

  • Ability to conduct independent research and transform information into knowledge;

  • Ability to autonomously organize working methods at home and at school;

  • Ability to develop leadership skills and promote the values and attitudes of International Education;

  • Ability to cooperate with others and engage in social issues within the national and international community;

  • Ability to critically apply Scientific, Technological and Cultural knowledge to solve common issues;

  • Ability to evaluate choices and perspectives during problem solving;

  • Ability to maintain a healthy balance in life (hygiene / nutrition and physical activity);

  • Ability to stand up for human rights;

  • Ability to promote ecological awareness in daily routines and other social contexts



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