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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions




Q: What are the main platform for support leaning adopted by VVIS?

A: VVIS is currently using moodle as the main platform for asynchronous learning and Zoom for synchronous learning. ClassDojo is used in Primary School. 


Q: What are the technical requirements for the VVIS software learning platforms?

A: For the asynchronous tasks, you need a personal computer, a broadband internet connection and a Browser (Google Chrome is recommended). 


Q: Can I use a tablet or a smartphone?

A: A desktop or laptop computer are generally better suited for this type of task. Mobile devices can be used for certain tasks or consulting purposes.

Q: Do I need a Microsoft Windows computer?

A: No, MacOS or Linux operating systems are suitable as well.


Q: Do I need an Office Suite?

A: Many materials provided by educational publishing companies and institutions use proprietary software such as Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, so there are some student materials provided in these formats. Students requiring an Office 365 account should contact the IT school services.


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