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It is the mission of the Vale Verde International School to provide the community with a balanced, quality education to ensure that all students achieve their best potential in accordance with their needs.


It is our aim to prepare young people in the Western Algarve to take their full place in society. This will involve their developing academic, social, physical and interpersonal skills as well as a sense of personal responsibility for themselves and those with whom they interact, the ability to discern right from wrong, true from false, valuable from worthless, beneficial from malign, selflessness from selfishness, the transcendental from the mundane, the essential from the dispensable, excellence from mediocrity and the strength of character to act upon these value judgements.

It is our aim to celebrate the joy of learning leading our community into life-long learning, contributing positively to the commonwealth and the society, stretching from the family unit to the world, of which we form a part.

It is among our aims to help students acquire a reasoned set of moral values and an awareness and tolerance of the values of other cultures.

It is among our aims to create a happy and stimulating learning environment for all members of the school community.

It is among our aims to encourage all students in their endeavours to realise their fullest potential – academically, socially, practically and physically.   It is among our aims to develop aesthetic awareness and creative ability.


The principal values espoused, promulgated and practised by the Vale Verde International School are :

√  Honesty             
√  Respect             
√  Responsibility     
√  Consideration     
√  Tolerance 

√  Effort

√  Determination

√  Enthusiasm

√  Self-Discipline

√  Integrity

It is our belief and experience that no school can undertake the promotion of values and ethical thinking in young persons by itself.


It is the school’s role to reinforce, reaffirm, underpin and, if possible, exemplify the positive values inculcated in the home.


Principal’s Welcome

Welcome - I can, with certainty say that I am truly honoured and humbled to be the Principal of Vale Verde International School. Since my first moment as Principal, it was clear to me that we have a warm and welcoming school that cares deeply about learning and prioritising the student experience.

The future of education is exciting, particularly at VVIS. It is up to us to teach the curriculum we think best prepares students for the future. With our expert teachers, supportive families, and amazing pupils, we will continue the tradition of excellence in academics, sports, and the arts, coupled with a growth mindset and a commitment to equity and student
development as well-rounded global citizens. We are empowered by our efforts so far in promoting a culture across the whole school (Primary – Sixth Form) to create a community that reflects the world we want to live in while positively impacting others.

We provide a rigorous curriculum that challenges our students to be curious and encourages them to wonder about the world around them. We strive to create an environment where students think critically and engage respectfully as they explore diverse perspectives. By cultivating an environment that values intellectual curiosity and the willingness to grapple with complex ideas, we aim to develop learners that can thrive in this dynamic and ever-changing world but most importantly - being actively engaged in this journey.


I enjoy listening to, learning from, and collaborating with our students, staff, parents, and alumni. I am excited about continuing this positive direction and along the way greeting all the new and prospective members of our community and trust that you will find this school as welcoming and amazing place as I have. 


Come Meet Us

Thank you for your interest in Vale Verde International School (VVIS). Whether you are already living in Portugal or will be relocating from another country, we understand that choosing the right school for your child/children is a very important decision.


We are looking forward to welcoming you to come experience our school. Please reach out to or by telephone at +351 282 697205.

We encourage all families to make an appointment before visiting our school to insure that we are available to meet with and answer your questions. Furthermore, we invite all students to come and experience a trial day with peers and experience what a day at VVIS would include. 

Faculty & Staff

With 22 members of staff, Vale Verde International School strives on having a team of passionate teachers to exemplify behaviour for the students and is known for creating life long relationships with all our students with many of our teachers being at VVIS for an average of 9 years. 

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