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Thank you for your interest in VVIS International School.  As one of the leading providers of bilingual and international education in Portugal, VVIS has obtained a reputation for excellent teaching standards which is reflected in our academic track record.

Entrance is open to anyone who can contribute towards the social and educational aspects of the school and who can develop personal, emotional and academic skills in preparation for further education and a lifelong attitude that embraces education.

VVIS admits 5 to 18 year olds and has implemented a wide range of curriculum adjustments, including a bilingual International Curriculum for the Primary School and following the Pearson International and Cambridge Assessment International General Certificate of Secondary Education and the Pearson and Cambridge Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Levels Certificates.

We are fully aware that your decision in choosing the best school for your child is important to you. The Admissions team is at your disposal to discuss and inform you of the opportunities that VVIS represents for your child


Vale Verde International School is licensed by the Ministry of Education, is a member of the European Council of International Schools, and is a Cambridge University Examination Centre as well as being a registered Edexcel University Exam Centre.

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