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Vale Verde International School
VVIS provides the community with a balanced, quality education to ensure that all students achieve their best potential.



Enrolment Now Open

Enrolment and Waiting List Registration open for the 2024/2025 Academic Season.

Why choose Vale Verde International School

High Academic

Bilingual Primary 

Vale Verde International School is a Cambridge and Pearson International School with students of diverse nationalities. Academic achievement is one of the objectives which students have become known for. Academic excellence stems not only from the gifts of nature, but also from the daily experiences that nurture the individual to aim to deliver to the best of their capabilities and within their own abilities.

Vale Verde Primary School is one of Europe’s few true bilingual schools. Bilingual education is of paramount importance where students are able to share in cross-cultural learning and where part of the Portuguese curriculum is integrated into the Cambridge International Primary programme. This means that First Language English is maintained, while learning for Second Language English speakers is accelerated by offering extra English lessons, in order to facilitate their sharing in the learning experience.  Moreover, research has shown that bilingual education strengthens cognitive skills in Memory, Attention, Processing and Sequencing (MAPS) which in turn builds a strong foundation to develop future skills in absorbing content, in other words, help your student to become a better learner – not only at school, but also in  becoming global citizens.

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Engaging in Sports 

Sporting activity forms part of our teaching curriculum where different sports are explored during school or through after school clubs. We believe a healthy body inspires a healthy mind. P.E. is a compulsory but non-examination subject for all students throughout their schooling career at VVIS. It is designed to foster enjoyment while taking part in a range of physical activities and games - elements needed to underpin improved performance, better health and an all-round sense of well-being.


Nurturing Creative Minds

In addition to students striving to deliver their best in their aim to achieve academic growth in accordance with their abilities, they also share in a nurturing environment where Theatre, Art and Music are enjoyed. All of these elements blended together provide the background for our students to happily and with confidence enter the big world outside.


Qualified and Experienced Staff

No school can function effectively without the daily input of qualified and experienced staff.  Without this essential ingredient, students have to rely on Artificial Intelligence (and ongoing daily self-discipline) to acquire and reinforce specific and relative knowledge to advance in their schooling careers.

All teachers and staff employed at VVIS hold a minimum of a Bachelors Degree and share their knowledge and expertise knowledge with enthusiasm in and out of the classroom with hands on learning through various stimulating activities.

We invite you to schedule a visit to our school today to come and see first hand why VVIS is the best school for your child.

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